School FAQs

1. How many students study at ECSL?

ECSL is the only Consumer Choice Award-winning school in Nova Scotia. We offer small class sizes and our students become part of our family. We have capacity for 200 students in our school.  

2. Is ECSL a chain school? 

ECSL is a private school with one location. We are not a large chain school and pride ourselves on providing superior education. We want our students to experience the many benefits of studying in a small, boutique school.   

3. How long has ECSL been operating?  
ECSL was founded in 1998 by three experienced teachers. We moved to our brand new, custom built location in downtown Halifax in 2011.      

4. How big are your classes?

ECSL is owned and operated by experienced teachers who know that students excel in small classes. Our average class size is between 8 - 10 students so you get lots of personal time with your instructor.   

5. What is the nationality mix of students at ECSL?

We maintain a strict diversity mix at ECSL and we are proud to say that we recently hosted students from more than 30 different countries. We are very proud of the work we do to ensure our students are studying in small classes, with a diverse mix of nationalities in each class.    

6. What happens on the first day of school? 

Students arrive and are welcomed to ECSL by our friendly staff. You will take a level assessment test in the morning followed by a pizza lunch. You will then have an orientation session and get to know other students through fun activities.  

7. Do you arrange activities after class?

ECSL has a Social Activities Coordinator, who arranges the weekly and after school activities. There are also weekend trips organized to places like Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton and the South Shore of Nova Scotia. We also offer a variety of student events after school.

8. Will I be able to use the Internet at the school?

We have a computer lab with high speed internet as well as a wireless network to use on your smart phone or tablet. 

9. Do I need health insurance to attend ECSL?

All students are required to have health coverage while studying at ECSL.

10. How strict is ECSL about speaking English on school premises?

ECSL is proud to have a strict English-Only Policy at the school. This policy was created to help students improve their English communication skills and to respect the various nationalities which encompass ECSL.

11. What is the minimum age to study at ECSL?

You must be 17 years old.