Prepare for IELTS


We are located in the Thompson building on the corner of Harvey and Barrington Streets.

ECSL offers full-time IELTS Preparation to help you achieve your desired IELTS score. 

Be better prepared for your IELTS test by following the steps below. Find out about the benefits of taking an English language course at East Coast School of Languages (ECSL). Understand the test format and rules. Take advantage of the free practice test materials available on this website. 

Improve your English

It takes time to learn a language and one of the best ways to learn is to take an English language course at ECSL. The feedback you receive from your instructor will help you improve the skills involved in speaking, listening, reading, and writing English.

  • Use your English every day. Read, speak, listen and write in English as often as you can. This is a proven way to improve your English and therefore your IELTS score.
  • Speak English with your friends and family.
  • Listen to English language radio, television and film. Try to listen to a variety of English accents including Canadian, American, Australian, and British.
  • Read English publications wherever possible.
  • Write letters, emails or notes in English to practise your written skills

Understand the test format and rules

Familiarise yourself with the test format – Remember that there are two versions of IELTS – IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. The Listening and the Speaking components are the same for both tests but the Reading and the Writing components are different.

Practise sample questions

Download and practise taking sample IELTS exam questions. As IELTS is timed, it is critical that you practice as many sample exam questions as possible and work to build up your speed.

  • Practise the test using these free IELTS test sample questions.
  • Use the Official IELTS Practice Materials which you can purchase from ECSL.
  • There is a wide range of IELTS materials available you can purchase from a variety of publishers.

In addition to practising sample questions you may also wish to consider taking an IELTS preparation course. A preparation course will help you:

  • practise the type of tasks included in an IELTS test (e.g. a short essay/letter for the Writing test)
  • get feedback on your answers to practice questions
  • become more confident in your test-taking skills
  • help you decide if you are ready to take your IELTS test

Ask ECSL for more information about preparation courses.

Register for IELTS Prep via Dal

Go to IELTS Enrolment and register for an IELTS Preparation course offered in the evenings at Dalhousie University from 5pm - 7pm. The course is $280 (This fee includes tuition and all books and materials) and is available in three sessions:

  • Course #1 - September 21 - November 9
  • Course #2 - January 18, 2017 - March 8, 3017

Register for Online Prep Courses

Go to IELTS Online Enrolment and register for one of three available online prepatory courses through MacQuarie University. Take advantage of a special 20% discount for ECSL candidates by clicking here.

IELTS Express

  • Detailed feedback and model answers for all activities
  • IELTS test tips and study strategies
  • Recording tools to practice your speaking online
  • Definitions of unfamiliar words

IELTS Master

  • Practice tests in all 4 modules (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking)
  • More than 300 activities in over 1500 web pages of content
  • Detailed Feedback and model answers for all activities
  • Over 5 hours of audio recordings
  • Test tips and study strategies in all modules
  • Recording tools to practice your speaking online

IELTS Master Plus

  • Includes everything from IELTS Master and;
  • Individual feedback on two writing tasks
  • Individual feedback on three speaking parts

Try to feel relaxed the day
before the test

On the day before your test, take the time to refresh your memory of the test rules, test format and location so that you feel as relaxed as possible.

  • Read the Information for candidates booklet again - this contains essential information to help you do your best.
  • Make sure you know the test rules – read the Notice to Candidates.
  • Get plenty of rest the night before your test.
  • Plan your journey - ensure you are familiar with the location of the test venue and know how you are going to get there so that you arrive on time.

Get Connected

Everyone knows that social media is a great way to kill some time but it is also an effective way to prepare for IELTS. First, you can check out our East Coast School of Languages IELTS page here to see lots of free study material like videos, tips, strategies, etc. Secondly, you can look into the IDP YouTube channel to see current videos about IELTS that includes test information, mock speaking interviews and other amazing resources. Finally, you can read interesting IELTS blog on our ECSL website or on IDP's Canadian site.

Attend a Free Workshop

We provide a free IELTS workshop that is aimed to give a complete overview of the four different components of the test. It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions to an experienced IELTS representative. These workshops are run on Wednesday evenings from 6-8:30pm before every Halifax test. Enrollment is free with your test booking but you can also attend for free if you sign up here.

Take Advantage of Free Online Prep

East Coast School of Languages and IDP have made an arrangement with MacQuarie University, based in Australia, to provide 30 days access to one of their on-line preparation courses. This access is available to all paid test takers who apply for a test with us. Once a payment is made for a given test, a link will be provided via the payment confirmation email that you receive from us.

Know what to expect on test day

The following test day advice will help you feel calm and ready to do your best on test day.